Our company was born in 1950’s with the first of three generations of commerce agents in Italy.

Following the trend of markets and using our experience in commerce we evolved producing exclusive articles with our brands since 1998.

From the beginning of this adventure we promoted our first brand “Sportmen” with a collection of cargo pants and short pants..

Improving SPortmen during the years, we became leader brand for cargo pants, worker pants and short pants, and we also extended our choice of items, adding t-shirts, polo shirts, vests and 100% cotton pants, sweat shirts and items in 100% winter cotton, pile, and knitwear.

To make sure we offer the best price, yet mantaining our high quality standards, we select the most reliable suppliers.

In 2017 we started two new brands: “zeorgradi” and “burlesque”, to satisfy the needs of those who want to reward of dedication to quality.